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Behavior Expert




Behavior Specialist

J Bartell is a behavior modification specialist and consultant helping people from all walks of life.

J's Clients

Professionals in medicine, law enforcement, entertainment, athletes, combat vets, business people, students.

Problems Solved

Everything from stress, domestic issues, phobias, career insecurities, personality disorders, PTSD and elite performance.

Left-Right Brain

J created his “Left-Right Brain Learning” Mental Conditioning Process back in 1965.

Good Habit Company

J is the creator of the Good Habit Company which is a behavior modification self-help membership site.

Peak Performer

J is a combat master and was a world class athlete in the sport of combat shooting (IPSC).


J Bartell is a personal and business adviser and media consultant available for interviews.

J is an excellent choice as an interview subject. How many people can say that they’ve been a psychological consultant to Presidential and Royal families … or that they’ve created one of the most powerful methods for helping people change their behavior in the last hundred years … or that they’ve spent 10 years working in black ops for the CIA … and that they’ve been a world class athlete? J can.

"I have been interviewing people on radio and TV for over 45 years and seldom do you come across such a multifaceted guest with such an interesting background as J Bartell, an authority in the field of behavior on so many levels." — Judd McIlvain, Award Winning Investigative Journalist. ... read more


J Bartell is the author of "The 231 Club: My Ten Year Journey From Therapist to CIA Courier and Sanctioned Kills", a nonfiction book about his work in black ops for the CIA. Reviews at Amazon are positive.

Here’s what some people are saying about “The 231 Club” -- "All in all, this book is an effortless read and a real gem of a page-turner. If you want a view from a real "spy with a license to kill" then stop watching Bond films and have a will surprise you." -- RR;

"The 231 Club is categorized as a CIA memoir and it certainly is that but I'd also put it in the action-adventure category with a bit of self-help thrown in to boot!"-- Andrew;

"Forcefully written and easy to read ... I can't wait for the movie." -- Jeff S. more

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Behavior Expert Available For HIre

Media Consultant

J Bartell is a behavior expert available for television and radio shows. He can speak on the subjects of behavior, habits and Black Ops. ... read more


J is a dynamic speaker on the subjects of learning, behavior and habits, communication, leadership, sales and motivation, all tailored precisely to the needs and interest of your group. ... read more

Personal Support

In person, phone and Skype sessions are available for behavior modification purposes and general support. ... read more

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