About J Bartell, MA

The Neuro Stress Technology Mental Conditioning Process Model.

In the mid-1960s, information surfaced in the news about people who had lost the left or right hemisphere of the brain because of an accident or disease.

The patients with only the left hemisphere of the brain displayed different behavior from people who had use of only the right one.

It was back then that J Bartell, or more usually known as just “J”, began to theorize that how one deals with stress was directly associated with left or right brain function. He also found that people had different ways of responding to stress

Psychological Consultant for Presidential & Royal Families

Later J began traveling abroad to work as a psychotherapist for heads of state and their families. At all times, his clients were friendly with the United States so there was never any conflict of interest in how he handled their concerns which ranged from the mundane, like simply wanting to quit smoking, to more serious family matters.

Worked With Thousands of Clients

J has worked with physicians, psychologists, marriage counselors, actors, directors, government officials, Olympic athletes, combat vets, and recording artists just to name a few.

As you can imagine, with such a wide range of clientele, J has helped people cope with everything from “straight forward” stress in domestic and child rearing problems to countless phobias, career insecurities, personality disorders, PTSD and elite performance issues.

He was a psychological consultant and training consultant to Police Officers, F.B.I. agents, Navy SEALs and many others.  He studied and practiced acting, writing and directing as a means to better develop his Neuro Stress Technology for the performance arts.

A Peak Performer & World Class Athlete

Not only has J worked with world class elite athletes but he was one himself. He competed in action/combat shooting competition which required a high degree of eye-hand coordination, speed, agility and focus. Sports performance is one of his specialties. With only part time participation in this sport, J still placed first or second in 85% of the matches he entered. He was the winner of six championships and held 14 Match records.

J was the Psychological Consultant for members of the United States Gold Shooting Team at the 1984 World Championships. They won!

Graduate of the Lozanov Learning Institute

J is extraordinarily lucky to have studied directly with Psychotherapist Dr. Georgi Lozanov from Bulgaria. Dr. Lozanov is the pioneer of using music to help people learn new subjects such as language. J then incorporated this approach into his own work and process, which combined with left-right brain suggestibility elevates learning and habit forming/reformation process tremendously. J will be discussing this subject more in his upcoming book about behavior and habits.

License and Credentials

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Psychology.
J Bartell maintains degrees in psychology with specializations in subconscious conditioning, stress management and behavior modification.

–  California MFCC License #M15093 (Lic. Retired).
–  College Teaching Credentials in Counselor & Instructor of Psychology.
–  California Examining Counsel: Examining Board Officer.
–  Therapist/Member; American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.
–  Counselor-In-Service; Counselors of Alcoholism and Related Dependencies.  J enjoyed his connection with this group, having learned a lot about working with people who unfortunately had developed dependencies on drugs, which of course includes alcohol. Other addictions, of course, were part of the mix, such as, sex, gambling and even shopping addictions. The group did a lot of great work and made sure that counselors had the education and the experience to handle these tough subjects.

 Past Affiliations

Union Local 472, AFL-CIO-CLC: President, Vice-President, Trustee.

J was also Technical Advisor and Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Hypnotist Union.

J often went to Sacramento as the president of the union to convince members of the legislature to vote against bills limiting who could practice as a hypnotherapist. J was one of the first presidents of the union, along with holding other staff positions within it.

A.H.A: President, Vice-President, Technical Advisor & member of the Ethics Committee.