Neuro Stress Technology Process

The whole Neuro Stress Technology process has a core of 251 audio files that have been developed to ensure that once the unique mind you have has been assessed, selected MP3s can be made available that are specifically related to how you learn and therefore how you deal with stress. So the steps in this whole Neuro Stress Technology are as follows:

The first step is your own, realizing that you need to seek help and find something to relieve or remove the stress you’re feeling. Or maybe you’re doing this for someone else, in which case you’ve taken the first step for them.

The second step is to take the Neuro Stress Technology assessment so that we understand the balance between your two brain hemispheres and from that we can begin to work out exactly which approach to use to reduce your stress.

The third step is to use your subconscious mind to squash the habits you’ve created that are inducing your stress.

The final step is an ongoing motivation to enhance what you’ve done to reduce, or eliminate your stress. It’s to maintain what you’ve done so that you don’t slide back, or if you do, you know the way to get back.