The 231 Club

Between the late 1970s and 80s, J Bartell participated in government covert operations (black ops), beginning first as a courier, due to his many travels abroad as a therapist. In the course of his roughly ten years of work in black ops, J experienced many life threatening events and he was often called upon to use his therapeutic skills to aid both himself, his partners and other assets in the field.

J Bartell was a behavioral expert/lecturer and chief of staff of the California-based Hypnosis Motivation Institute while in his mid 30s. His clients at the institute included people from all walks of life, but it was his worldwide travels on behalf of affluent, private clients, including heads-of-state, that put him on the radar of CIA contractor Chauncey Holt. Holt thought Bartell would be a good candidate to do some courier work for the CIA, transporting documents and such.

After accepting the courier position, Bartell gets caught up in government intrigue far beyond what he expected. The courier work eventually lead to him becoming part of a small group that handled off-book assignments. This group was an extension of the CIA’s black ops division referred to as Executive Action which was created in the 1950s. Bartell essentially worked for Holt who was his “handler”. Holt, in turn, reported to higher ups within the network. At one time Holt was working and reporting to such people as Phillip A. Twombly, who was Vice President of Coca Cola’s Caribbean operations.

As a result of Bartell’s increased involvement, he experiences everything from weapons deals and covert training missions to helping ruthless killers, hiding behind positions of power, get their due.

Why this story needs to be told: This true tale encompasses intriguing personalities, an examination of the psyche behind the storyteller, exciting and unique espionage adventures at a time when wits were at play more than gadgets. The main focus of this book is not about intelligence gathering. It is about what happened after the intelligence was gathered. Is J Bartell giving up any secrets that could hurt our country?  No. The group’s members went to other countries to train private armies and guerrilla forces in the techniques and tactics they were instrumental in developing which are now used worldwide by military and police forces. J Bartell, a man who was there and participated in sanctioned kills, used the therapy techniques he created to help people in the field control blood flow, pain and fear.

Significance of the Title: Once Bartell becomes truly engaged in black ops, Holt welcomes him into the 231 Club — “231” being the name of the gun powder for their weapon of choice, the 45 caliber Colt 1911.

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