J Bartell is a behavior specialist and consultant helping people from all walks of life. He has degrees in psychology with specializations in subconscious conditioning, stress management and behavior modification.

His clients have included professionals in medicine, law enforcement, entertainment, athletes, combat vets, business people, students as well as Heads of State. He’s helped people cope with every problem imaginable, from stress, domestic issues, phobias, career insecurities, personality disorders, PTSD, habit formation, elite performance and more.

J is available for television and radio shows. He can speak on the subjects of Stress, PTSD, Behavior and Habits.

Psychology Topics:
– Learning The A,B,Cs of Habits
– Tools for Behavior Modification
– Putting Fears and Phobias in Their Place
– Making Stress Work For You
– Focus and the Art of Peak Performance
– Positive Thinking Doesn’t Move Mountains
– The Truth About Depression and Anxiety
– Self-Help: One Size Doesn’t Fit All
– Success Is Not an Accident
– Anyone Can Suffer From PTSD
– Relationships: Opposites Don’t Attract
– Establishing Family Boundaries
– The Two Top Motivators: Fear and Greed

From 10 Years of Black Ops:
– Personal and Family Safety
– National Security Common Sense
– Why the Military Needs Wars
– Why Do Good Cops Protect Bad Cops?
– The Motivation Behind Gun Control
– The Motivations of Most Politicians
– Preventing Mass Shootings

Also worth mentioning, J holds the title of Combat Master in practical pistol shooting and he taught tactics and weapons handling to members of law enforcement, including Police Officers, FBI agents, SEALs and SWAT team members.

J was trained by Michael Harries and Jeff Cooper (whom many consider to be the father of modern combat shooting) in many techniques that are used worldwide by Police and Swat, including the famous Harries Flashlight Technique.

He’s worked in the film industry both as a psychological and weapons consultant. He is available to serve as a weapons and tactics consultant on film and TV projects